When considering UK education there is one major area to consider………MONEY!

Some Facts

According to recent figures, the average cost per year to study in the UK at undergraduate level as an international student is UK£11,987 (~US$17,860), while for international postgraduate students this average fee rises to £12,390.

In addition to your tuition fees and textbooks, your living costs will vary depending on your lifestyle in UK and your choice of accommodation. So the average cost of living in the UK according to recent figures from the UK’s National Union of Students (NUS) is, around £12,000 ($17,850), and the total average costs to study in the UK come up to £24,000 ($35,710) per year. Studying in the capital city, meanwhile, is likely to be significantly more expensive.

Can you get UK qualification without spending such amount?

Yes, LBMS makes it POSSIBLE for you.

You do not have to leave home or your job or family, and spend hefty amount of your money on the UK qualification when Training Select makes it possible on such affordable price in your own place without moving to UK.

The average cost for undertaking Undergraduate programme with Training Select is 1,399 a year as compared to the 24,000 if you move to UK.

Our aim is to provide globally recognized UK programmes to all despite of age, culture and location at affordable price by our unique method of distance learning. We offer the same affordable tuition fee wherever you live, and with our Tuition Guarantee, your fee remains the same from the day you enroll through the day you graduate, so you always know how much it’s going to cost.

LBMS also provides easy, affordable installment plans, which means you can pay your fees according to other life commitments.

No Hidden charges

We provide you with a clear breakdown of the static fee structure for each course and involve no hidden cost, making the cost of your education much easier to calculate (and budget for) ahead of time. All our interactive course materials, assignments, and consultations are free of charge.

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